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MatchRite Care
MatchRite Care

It's your health, now own it!  

MatchRite Care



Retrieve Your Health Records

Request your API/Login credentials from your provider. 


Store, Combine, and Filter

Once you receive your login credentials from your doctor, you can store and manage all of your medical health records in one MatchRite profile;

reducing the need to log into multiple doctor's portal. 


Share Your Combined and Filtered Records

Send your medical records through the most trusted name in health information exchange, Direct Trust email or digitally to a provider with our MatchRite Register.

Whats New with matchrite care

Why MatchRite

Medical Records Accuracy

 Patients keeping up with their records will help identify duplication of records early and can help reduce redundant screenings and treatments.  

Control Your Records

 Patients retrieve, store, and send medical records within their user profile. Thus, reducing providers time transferring records.  

Real-Time Notifications

 Receive real-time alerts and notifications from dependent profiles including long-term care facilities, home care or hospital.

Faster Access To Patient Information

 Patients will be able to send healthcare providers up-to-date insurance and personal information prior to arrival.  

Increase Value of Care

For faster service, providers can have patient information in advance and can interact with care plans post appointment through profiles.


 Access dependent’s profiles through a primary profile.  Retrieve and store your dependents medical records under your primary profile.