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MatchRite Care
MatchRite Care

About Us

Our Health Mission

Our objective is to deliver a patient’s personal health records right to their hand in a simple and clean format.  Our customers will be able to access, store, and manage their medical records from multiple provider’s regardless of EHR sources, all in one software platform.

Patient Benefits

Patients can retrieve and store medical records from multiple providers regardless of the EHR and aggregate them into a single patient profile via mobile application or web portal.  Patients profiles will also include their dependents records within their MatchRite profile. 

Our software allows patients to sort and filter these messages by:

  • Provider
  • Procedures
  • Diagnoses
  • Medications
  • Care Plans
  • Immunizations
  • and more!

Patients will then be able to share the combined and filtered messages to any provider by Direct Trust email. 

Provider's Register

Any provider that has our licensed MatchRite register will be able to retrieve digital messages directly from the patient as well as keep abreast of the patient’s health care plan. 

Providers will be able to easily monitor or modify patient care plans in-between visits.  

MatchRite will also allow patient and provider opportunities for Telehealth.   


Patient APP

Filtered Records


Patient Navigation

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